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ROBERT HOPWOOD Digital content specialist

Below is a sample of the stories and blog posts I've written over the past few years.

I covered this event for the Desert Sun. It includes a video that I also made.

This is a column I wrote for the business section of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

I discovered the identity of the victim of a high-profile fatal crash that happened the day before, and I wrote this to update the previous day’s coverage and advance the story.

This was a blog post I wrote after looking at data from the previous month

I wrote this when I was the history columnist at the Desert Sun. I always tried to tie my weekly columns to a current event, because I wanted people to understand the historical context of modern-day Palm Springs. Most people are probably unaware of how much White Party Palm Springs changed the city. Yes, it’s a dance party, but it also served as one of the catalysts that led to the city’s resurgence. That is why I chose to write this column shortly before the annual event started celebrating its 25th anniversary in the desert.

This was a blog post explaining a weird weather phenomenon that no one in Palm Springs at the time would have missed.

A blog post I wrote putting the weather forecast into a larger context. Also, rain becomes an exciting thing when you live in a desert during one of the worst droughts in recorded history.

For awhile, the Desert Sun printed a blog post from our website each day in the newspaper. This was written so we had something to print Pride weekend.